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The award-winning* book, Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front, represents hundreds of years of history that, up until now, has gone largely unnoticed and uncelebrated. While generations have gone to war, those who stayed behind were the backbone holding them up.

These stories capture the fascinating and inspiring history of the heroes at home, from the very foundation of our nation up until the present day. The book is organized into themed weeks that begin with “original words” —an excerpt from a letter, journal, news article, etc.—and end with “glimpses into daily life,” which give a richer taste of what life was like during a particular period of history. The stories are personal snapshots of real individuals who survived—and in many cases thrived—while displaying great courage, love, and personal sacrifice on the home front.

For the older wars, we relied on primary documents as much as possible, through the use of many state and national historical societies’ archives across the country, as well as out-of-print books now digitized and placed online. The more recent wars afford us the luxury of being able to interview dozens of people who lived through them. In fact, the best way to share many of the home front experiences during the wars in the Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan, was to let these individuals share their own stories, in their own words.

We, the co-authors, were truly inspired by what we uncovered about our rich American heritage. We hope that you will enjoy these stories of faith and courage as much as we have enjoyed discovering them for ourselves.  The trials and triumphs represented in this book, whether they took place yesterday or years ago, point us to timeless truths we can each apply to our own lives. God’s Word was relevant to them, and it is just as relevant to us today.

On this Web site, you can read excerpts, download resources, and read more stories on the blog.

*Stories of Faith and Courage on the Home Front won the Gold Medal (spiritual category) from the Military Writers Society of America, as well as the Golden Scroll Award (nonfiction category) from the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association.


12 comments on “About the Book

  1. Women have had to keep the home fires buring for centuries while their men went to war. I am looking forward to learning more from the authors.

  2. As some one who has been activie duty and is now the person taking care of our daughter whose husband is almost chronically goneI would love to read these stories.

  3. This book sounds really good. My son was in the war with Iraq. It is a very hard subject to this day. A subject he doesn’t talk about. I know as his mother he is not the same person he was before he went. I now even as a mother with a child that was there fighting it is never the same for the family either. We only can move forward in our life. Love to win.

  4. What a great idea for a book! A former hairdresser’s son was in Iraq. She was not a believer, and she suffered quite a bit. I would like to hear how faith made a difference!

  5. I feel that these two books would help me gain the strength that I need to get through these rough times, and aslo help cope with having to help my hero who has PTSD from OIF.

  6. It won’t Let me publish my remarks I just wroe a long strongly in need of these of books of this kind is needed about our brave men and women that fight to keep our freedom for us ! They come home either killed , physicaljy hurt or mentally hurt! More civilians need to know what happens out there so we will respect our soldiers more ! Some people don’t honor and salute them when they should be just for signing up! Thank you for writing these books ! I would LOVE to read these books and cherish them ! Merry Christmas to all of you ! God bless all of you !
    Your sister in Christ,
    Darlene Lindstrom


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